Sports Edit Website

Entry #1: Project Goals

October 2, 2015

Google 20 is the technique used by Google that sets aside 20 percent of working time for individual projects. 20 time is responsible for the invention of products such as Google News, Adsense, and in its earliest form, the invention of things such as post-it notes and masking tape. My final project goal is to creat a clean and appealing website showing Photoshop edits I make of sports players. I will mostly be using Bay Area players such as Jared Goff and Stephen Curry, but I can also expand into athletes around the country. For the website, I will attempt to create an appealing look using both html and CSS. I want to be able to not only showcase photo edits, but also descriptions of them so I can explain what they are to people who do not know. To make my website, I will be using Neocities. I chose this project because I love using Photoshop, and I want to continue to improve my skills in this area while also learning valuable lessons on how to create an interesting website. I will need a firm understanding of HTML, CSS, and Adobe Photoshop in order to complete my project. I need to know HTML to create my website, and CSS and Photshop to create its content. I can learn this both through experimentation and through outside sources such as Code Academy. I anticipate that it will be difficult for me to create an engaging website that people will want to look at.

Entry #2: Google 20 Progress

October 15, 2015

Although I was not in class on Friday, I have started work on my my sports edit website by creating a Norm Van Brocklin edit over the course of a few lunch periods on Photoshop. Van Brocklin is an NFL hall of famer who holds the NFL record for most passing yards in a single game. Since he attended Acalanes in the 1940s, I though he was a fitting subject for my first project. So far, I have cut out a picture of Van Brocklin and some of his linemen that was part of a bigger photo that was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. I this selection in the foreground, with the Acalanes football field in the background. I turned down the vibrance on the background in order ot provide a greater conrast for Van Brocklin. I plan on adding some text to the design during our next Google 20 time.

Entry #3: Google 20 Progress

November 2, 2015

Last week I finished my edit of Norm Van Brocklin. I have started making an edit of Steph Curry. I pulled a photo of him from the internet and selected Curry and placed him on a new background, which is Oracle Arena.

Entry #4: Google 20 Progress

November 2,2015

I have continued my edit of Steph Curry. I increased the vibrance on his photo and put increased the saturation on the gold and blue highlights of his layer. I also added a yellow glow to Curry to make him stand out even more than he had with the increased brightness.

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